Thursday, November 3, 2011

Star Wars Calendar Update

Hey everyone.

I've been super busy with wedding photos, engagement shots, family portraits, and life in general that I've been lacking on the blog. I wanted to give everyone an update on where I stood with the calendar, since there seems to be a good deal of interest in it. (That's a good thing!)

As of now, the calendar is coming together awesomely. My brother Andy is busy laying out the calendar and working on all the designs. He's got plenty of notes to go from, but only a few days to get it done. Hopefully it will be off to the presses by November 11.

I am aiming for a release date of November 25, 2011 - Black Friday. It seems like a good date to release an epic calendar. Maybe I'll even run a sale or something....

On the same date, I will be offering prints of additional shots from the photo shoots for sale. (That was an awkward sentence...) I took hundreds of shots at each session, and got some really awesome photos in return. Sadly, only one from each can be featured in the calendar. Seems like a waste. So I will be offering "outtake" photos at very reasonable prices on my website as well.

Be sure to keep checking back here to stay update. Or, to make it easier, like my fanpage on facebook to stay current with what's going on.

Christmas will be here before you know it, and there's no telling when Lucas will get around to issuing me a Cease and Desist, so get them while they're hot. Save your money now - that way you have no excuse. You won't want to miss this.

Price is subject to change, but I am aiming for a retail price of $25. I think that's a very fair price to pay for 14 sexy ladies in Star Wars attire.

So start saving, keep checking, and spread the word. As a thank you, I leave you with these. Enjoy! (images after the jump)

Kayla Sway 





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